The Best Starting Cars in Gran Turismo 7

The Best Starting Cars in Gran Turismo 7

You won’t be driving in circles in Corvettes and Lamborghinis at the start of Gran Turismo 7. Instead, you have a limited number of used cars to choose from – cars your parents probably picked you up from school in. Although you are free to upgrade these low PP cars to give them a bit more power, there are several ways to unlock better cars early in the game. Gran Turismo 7. What if we told you that there is a way to unlock some of the best cars in the game before you even hit the races on the World Circuit?

Now “the best cars” in a game like Gran Turismo 7 are left to your personal preference. Currently, there is no “meta” car needed to be used in global circuits or online. In addition, different races come with certain restrictions, making the “best car” in the European campaign useless in the United States. To get the most out of the early game, players need a set of rides to switch between based on where they’re running. Here are the best starter cars in Gran Turismo 7 and how to unlock them.

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The Best Starting Cars in Gran Turismo 7

To unlock the best starting cars in Gran Turismo 7, head to the license center and complete the five licensing steps. There are 50 time trials/lessons to complete, and all you have to do is get bronze on all 50 challenges. Any competent pilot can tan in the first four license categories. However, the super license proves more difficult, especially S-7, where you will drive the SP19 Super Formula/Honda ’19. They don’t teach you how to drive F1 cars so far, so you’re on your own. Be aware that they come on in no time, so you will have to readjust your braking and cornering techniques. Don’t overcompensate.

Completing the last three license lessons unlocks the following cars:

  • International B: GR Supra ’19 race car
  • International A: Rally car 86 Gr.B
  • Super: R8 LMS Evo ’19

Now that you have these three cars, head to the menus and start going through them. As long as the races you’re playing don’t have type requirements, you can use these three cars to smoke out the competition. Unfortunately, some races limit you to road cars, thus excluding these three race cars.

Best first menu cars

The best way to unlock more road cars is to complete Luca’s menus in the cafe. Menus are the loose career mode in Gran Turismo 7, and they’re the key to unlocking new cars and features like Multiplayer, Scapes, and the Challenge Tent. While the menus don’t reward you with new cars per se, the rides you earn by completing them are good enough to get you started. Plus, since the menu cars come from different regions and span different models, classes, and transmissions, you’ll always have the right vehicle to compete in every event.

Here are some menu cars we’re really enjoying and when you’ll unlock them.

  • MINI Cooper S ’05: Menu Booklet 7
  • Mustang GT ’15: Menu Booklet 14
  • Camaro SS ’16: Menu Booklet 15
  • Nissan Fairlady Z ’07: Menu Book 18
  • Alfa Romeo 4C ’14: Menu booklet 23

The best used cars

The first car you get in Gran Turismo 7 will come from the used car dealership at the top right of the world map. Here you can buy used cars at low prices. However, you are limited to what Andy, the used car salesman, has in stock. Honestly, we never bought another car from the used car lot after the first one. There are so many cars to unlock by completing menus, licenses, and challenge tent events that dropping thousands of credits on a used car seems counterintuitive.

For our first car, we bought the ’14 Honda Fit Hybrid. This got us through the first preliminary runs and the initial menu book. However, once we got our licenses, we never set foot in the Honda again.

The only good thing about the used car lot is that you can’t get these cars from Brand Central. The selection also rotates, so you can log in periodically to see what’s available. If you see a car you love but can’t afford, add it to your wishlist. When this car respawns, you’ll see a notification in the Used Car Lot that says, “There are cars available for purchase.” You will also see a red flag on the land used in the overworld.

Best Central Brand Cars

An all-new Camaro is on sale at Brand Central in Gran Turismo 7.

Brand Central is where you’ll buy your all-new dream car. You’re free to explore brands from around the world, but remember: new cars cost you some serious credits. We don’t recommend investing in Brand Central cars until you’ve upgraded a handful of menu reward cars in the Tuning Shop. This way you have enough cars to race without investing all your credits in the Lamborghini you always wanted. That being said, here are two “affordable” cars from Brand Central that we enjoyed driving:

  • Camaro ZL1: 79,500 credits
  • Ferrari F8 Tributo: 330,500 credits

Although the Ferrari is expensive, we couldn’t help it. Meanwhile, the Camaro was a solid option which, with some upgrades in the Tuning Shop, turned us into a viable American racer.

You’ll notice invites in Brand Central that allow you to purchase unique cars as they become available. Unfortunately, those invites spit in your face when those cars cost over a million credits. It’s best to ignore invites when you’re first starting out.

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