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Suzuki Savage custom electric chopper works the night shift

Suzuki Savage custom electric chopper works the night shift

We don’t cover too many custom electric motorcycles here on Clean Technica – but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Case in point: almost fully electric all-electric Suzuki Leafy Savage build, by Night Shift Bikes.

Why “leafy”? This unique Suzuki Savage (S40) frame is filled with incredibly tough cells that Nissan uses in its LEAF electric cars. “This new pack is more durable, discharges more current for faster acceleration,” writes Matt Candler, who runs Night Shift Bikes. “(The Nissan battery) floats through the frame in a more interesting way than the [other batteries we tried].” The LEAF packs here are wired in series for a total of 116 volts. There are four flat lithium manganese oxide (LiMn2O4) batteries in each of the bike’s 14 cells.

As for the current bike, Matt replaced the Suzuki-built 650cc single-cylinder “thumper” engine, 5-speed transmission and other related internal combustion parts for what he spent on the entire the motorbike. At that time it was $0 in construction (note: all choppers, hot rods, and classic Italian cars have an automatic $0/hr labor rate). Matt then sent the rear swingarm to the team at Enertrac, where they laced an 18-inch rim into one of their brushless DC motors. Thus equipped, the Leafy Savage makes 13 continuous HP 40 peak HP. More than enough, in other words, to blast the relatively small frame in modern traffic.

The Enertrac motor and Nissan LEAF batteries are connected to a Kelly controller under the seat that is rated at 250 amps. The city’s range is estimated at around 100 miles, but the energy discharge can be adjusted for more range or more power, depending on what the day holds. An Eltek charger sits in the traditional “reservoir” position and delivers up to 3000 watts at 220 volts for easy connections to any household dryer outlet. The battery can be fully charged in less than three hours.

Other custom upgrades to the Night Shift-built Suzuki include an LED headlight, new shock absorbers, charging and data ports, rocker switches, m-lock wireless key and drop-down hardware. front fork for a properly positioned look that I, for one, love. …but that’s not about me. What do you think?

Take a look at the specs provided by Night Shift, below, then check out the gallery on your way to the comments section to let us know what you think. what can be the best use for this old Nissan LEAF you have already observed the local dealer. Enjoy!

Suzuki Leafy Savage specifications

  • 2003 Suzuki Savage (Suzuki S40) Chassis/Rolling Chassis

  • 96 volt battery (15 amp Headway 32s2p cells)

  • Custom battery box

  • Custom Enertrac 602 hub motor in 18″ rear wheel

  • Kelly Controller

  • Orion Battery management system

  • Eltek Valere 3000 watt on-board charger

  • cycle analyst

  • RYCA Engines CS-1 Mod Components

  • fork inserts to drop the front

  • improved shock absorbers

  • kickstand mod

  • rear sets

  • rear disc brake

Leafy Wild Gallery

spring | More pics: Night bikesvia Gessato.


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