Sunfonda: Another reward! Congratulations to Xinmingyang Toyota for winning Toyota’s only bp-k certification in the northwest of the world

Sunfonda: Another reward!  Congratulations to Xinmingyang Toyota for winning Toyota's only bp-k certification in the northwest of the world

Since the beginning of 2021, training and grinding have been carried out continuously according to the manufacturer’s 64 bp-k standards, and spot self-inspection and process control have been carried out at all levels in accordance with the standards. Under the guidance of the automaker several times, the automaker obtained bp-k certification from Toyota automaker’s head office in Japan in December 2021. At present, it is the only FAW Toyota dealership in the northwest of the China which has obtained the certification, it is also the only approved FAW Toyota dealership in 2021. The certification of the project has significantly improved the on-time delivery rate and customer satisfaction of xinmingyang Toyota BP company.

BP Kodawari

The TSM kodawari program for BP (hereinafter referred to as “BP TSM kodawari”) is a sheet metal and sputtering improvement project initiated by Toyota in 2012 and promoted worldwide. It is mainly the dealer’s B&P workshop investigation and certification, and the certification requirement is 100% to meet all the evaluation items.

Operation and communication

Mr. Xiao Jie, Vice President of Operations of Sunfonda Group, Mr. Cai Weinan, General Manager of Xinmingyang Toyota and other members of management communicated with the bp-k project in the store. Certified bp-k involves the basic business process, quality management, assembly line import, electronic management and other aspects. It can be said that it is a comprehensive service upgrade, which guides the development direction of the industry’s B&P service.

Minister Zhang Nan recognized the operation of xinmingyang Toyota

FAW Toyota Minister Zhang Nan acknowledged the operation of Xinmingyang Toyota. Obtaining bp-k certification marks xinmingyang Toyota’s progressive achievements in body and paint services. Through continuous improvement, the overall level of body and paint services can be improved, and more customers can enjoy more perfect services.

Bp-k Certification and Award Ceremony

Sunfonda xinmingyang Toyota, as the only bp-k certification store northwest of FAW Toyota, has continuously improved the operation quality since the introduction of operation standards, and finally passed the identification of all projects. On March 4, the award ceremony was held in the exhibition hall, and Mr. Zhang Nan, minister of the northwest branch, presented the medal to Mr. Cai Weinan, general manager.

As Mr. Cai Weinan, General Manager of Sunfonda xinmingyang Toyota said, “We believe that there is no shortcut for after-sales service. We will solidly serve every car owner and satisfy the owner of the car. The car owner will come back next time.” Although the words are simple, the truth is very true. “From satisfaction to move, from move to loyalty” is the call of FAW Toyota’s core value of after-sales service and FAW Toyota’s solemn commitment to consumers.

The sheet metal and sputtering improvement project is just one of many service projects at Sunfonda xinmingyang Toyota. Since its establishment 16 years ago, Sunfonda xinmingyang Toyota has been committed to building the “honest service” brand, and bringing customers a beautiful car life with the service concept of “professional to car and sincere to others”. Skilled professional technicians, standardized service processes, advanced maintenance tools and pure brand parts all provide customers with high quality after-sales guarantee, and the introduction and continuous improvement of prompt maintenance, dingbaotong and other projects are deeply appreciated by consumers. In addition, with the continuous development of service activities such as “car maintenance class”, “honest service experience” and “service skill competition”, consumers always experience peace of mind. and sincerity. The Branded Official Service Festival brings more peace of mind to consumers’ automotive lives with more branded, standardized and process-based services.