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Many Tesla models are now sold until 2023 in the United States, even after the price increase

Many Tesla models are now sold until 2023 in the United States, even after the price increase

Tesla updated its delivery times for new vehicle orders and it showed that many models, especially the Model Y, are sold out for the year in the United States – even after the price increase.

There is currently a rush of orders for electric vehicles as the technology picks up steam naturally and thanks to rising gas prices.

For Tesla, we previously reported that this resulted in a significant increase in its order rate in several regions of the United States.

The best way to track the backlog of orders is to view Tesla’s delivery times for new orders on its online configurator.

Today Tesla has updated all delivery times for the lineup and has a strong backlog, especially for the Model Y.

The base version of the Model Y, which now sells for $63,000 after recent price increases, now ships between January 2023 and April 2023, according to the online configurator:

As we previously reported, Tesla allows for faster delivery if you order more options, like bigger wheels, the Full Self-Driving (FSD) package, or the Performance trim.

But a new order with one of these options will always push the order back to the second half.

Electrek Tip: If you want the car to be faster and aren’t willing to pay $12,000 for the FSD, your best bet is to order the Y Performance model. After the latest price increases, it’s actually only $3,000 more expensive than the Model Y Long Range with the 20-inch wheels, which is essentially the same car but with a little faster acceleration in the Performance trim. .

The Model 3 has also received shipping time updates, but is actually much more reasonable than the Model Y.

The base version of the Model 3, which is Tesla’s least expensive vehicle starting at $47,000, still ships in 2022 for new orders: July-September 2022.

You can get the Model 3 a month faster by adding the 19-inch wheels, which cost $1,500 more.

You can also save a month if you want to upgrade to the Model 3 Long Range: June-August 2022.

The Performance version is listed as being delivered in June-July 2023.

Electrek Tip: The Model 3 seems to have been sold out for about three months in the US, which isn’t too bad compared to the Model Y. But if you want a very fast Tesla, the quickest time is to order a Model 3 base and add the FSD package, which can surprisingly get you the car as early as April. Tesla really wants that $12,000 for the FSD.

The Model S has also received an update and Tesla also has a large backlog on its flagship sedan – although that’s not necessarily because of a surge in order, but because Tesla is still catching up on a backlog. orders after the vehicle leaves production. for half of last year.

New orders for the base version, which now start at $100,000 after a recent price increase, now ship in “November 2022-January 2023”:

You can get the car a bit quicker by adding options, as with other models, but don’t expect the car to be out later in the second half of the year.

The situation is even worse for the Model X, which was out of production even longer than the Model S last year.

The base version of Model X with a five-seat configuration does not ship until Q2 2023:

If you choose a six- or seven-seat configuration, you can get it sooner, but you’ll still have to wait until at least December 2022.

The Model X Plaid has a faster “August to October 2022” delivery time, but it’s only available in a six-seat configuration.

The addition of the $12,000 FSD package does not affect the Model S or Model X timeline as it does for the Model 3 and Model Y.

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