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Local New York Auto Dealerships Key to EV Success

Local New York Auto Dealerships Key to EV Success

New York’s new auto industry – manufacturers and your local dealership – are all at the forefront of electric vehicles.

Consumer Interest in Electric Vehicles Has Grown Exponentially since 2018. This has only accelerated as gasoline prices reached records and federal and state governments have issued new mandates to reduce the significant greenhouse gas emissions generated by fossil fuel vehicles. New York alone has set an ambitious goal of putting three million electric vehicles on the roads by 2030 to fight climate change.

Each manufacturer has responded by launching or announcing the imminent availability of new electric vehicle models – including popular options like pickup trucks and SUVs – and dealers are eager to add to the roughly three dozen models currently available on batches. throughout the state.

City of Ossining electric vehicles sit at a brand new charging station in the park, during the 8th annual Ossining Earth Day Festival at Louis B. Engel Waterfront Park, April 21, 2018.

Unfortunately, a few companies are taking advantage of this moment to request special treatment from Albany. They want to circumvent New York’s franchise law in favor of a direct-to-consumer model. Their goal is to maximize profits on the backs of New York vehicle owners. Worse, this more expensive approach will not generate enough sales to meet our clean energy goals or growing buyer demand.