Limited-edition Corvette marks Callaway Cars’ 35th anniversary as a Chevy partner

Callaway Corvette 35th Anniversary Edition

Specialty vehicle maker Callaway, based in Old Lyme, Connecticut, has been preparing vehicles for more power since the 1970s. But the company only started work on the Chevrolet Corvette, the nameplate for which it is the better known, than in 1987. Now, 35 years later, Callaway Cars is creating a new special edition Corvette to celebrate the program’s anniversary.

The B2K 35th Anniversary Package for the 2022 Chevrolet Corvette features the trademark carbon fiber aerodynamic additions, a new mid-exit exhaust and forged aluminum wheels. Inside Callaway also adds CNC-machined aluminum pedal covers, sill panels, floor mats and a serialized build plate.

Aerodynamic improvements include the front splitter, rocker extensions on the sides of the vehicle, a new rear spoiler and a lower diffuser. All are made from carbon fiber with a clear coat for UV protection.

The new stainless steel exhaust with D-shaped center outlets weighs 40 pounds less than stock and has a unique exhaust note, Callaway says in a press release.

It has an internal structure that reduces the constant speed drone, usually a problem with aftermarket exhausts, and is integrated with the carbon fiber diffuser.

The forged wheel set is offered in polished or glossy black, bronze and polished ceramic, which resembles chrome. In total, they remove 26 pounds of mass compared to the original. The sports car rolls on Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires.

The 35th Anniversary Corvette Callaway adds aerodynamic parts, wheels and interior upgrades.
Callaway Cars

The interior is upgraded with anodized sill panels, new floor mats with the 35th anniversary logo and pedal covers. The package also includes a car cover, cleaning kit and those vaunted Callaway exterior badges.

There’s no added horsepower, so buyers will have to stick with the vehicle’s 495 horsepower, but with its 60-pound weight loss, the car should be quicker and more nimble.

Newsweek spoke to CEO Reeves Callaway, who said buyers shouldn’t worry about a lack of power.

Callaway Corvette 35th Anniversary Edition
The Callaway Corvette 35th Anniversary Edition is already nearly sold out as the company is only building 35 examples.
Callaway Cars

“There’s no power increase, but there is a performance increase by removing that weight from the exhaust and the wheels,” Callaway said. Newsweek. “Have you driven one? It’s got 500 horsepower, that’s fine. Those are the upgrades people would make if they had our 35 years of experience, they don’t upset the balance of the car.”

Callaway said most of the 35th anniversary cars have already been sold. They will be among the last to be built for the 2022 model year, in May. Buyers must order the Z51 Performance Package, the Aero Delete option, and five-spoke gloss silver-painted aluminum open wheels from the dealership to obtain the option.

Upon purchase, vehicles will be shipped from the dealership to one of the Callaway stores in Connecticut or California. Once it leaves the Bowling Green factory, it takes Callaway about a week and a half to complete the upgrades.

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Callaway is only building 35 examples of the special edition, and they can be ordered from a local Chevy dealership for $34,960, above the price of a 2022 Corvette Stingray.

Delivery can be made to the Callaway factory, the National Corvette Museum, a Callaway Chevy dealer or select track facilities. The museum and trail delivery options cost a few thousand dollars more.

If the Special Edition isn’t your speed, you might want to wait for Callaway’s next offering. He confirmed to Newsweek that his company is preparing something for the latest Corvette and its new V8 LT2. It’s about to come out, but not yet, he says. This packet will add to the power figure.