Kalamazoo Highway Project will widen bike lanes and narrow car lanes on Parkview Avenue

Kalamazoo Highway Project will widen bike lanes and narrow car lanes on Parkview Avenue

KALAMAZOO, MI — The City of Kalamazoo is making adjustments to the width of bike lanes and vehicles to calm traffic as it rebuilds a section of Parkview Avenue.

Construction on Parkview Avenue will begin Monday, March 21, as a coordinated infrastructure project gets underway between Tamsin Avenue and Oakland Drive. The project will include critical water infrastructure improvements, roadway reconstruction and non-motorized improvements, the city said in a news release.

The investment of nearly $3 million will upgrade the undersized water main and install new water supply lines and fire hydrants. When the street is rebuilt, the width of the vehicle lanes will be reduced to 10 feet to calm traffic.

The extra space created by the thinner traffic lanes will allow for more bike lanes along the road, the city said.

New sidewalks will be installed on the north side of Parkview Avenue from Broadway to Barnard. A crossing with a pedestrian island will be added to Barnard, to connect the neighborhoods of Oakwood and Oakland Drive/Winchell, the city said.

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The Oakwood, Parkview Hills, and Oakland Drive/Winchell neighborhoods of Kalamazoo all called for better pedestrian and cycling facilities in their neighborhood plans. Other new sidewalks will also be installed on Barnard Street, with ramps upgraded to be ADA-compliant where possible, continuing work begun in 2021, the city said.

The project will be carried out in two phases.

The first phase will require a complete closure of Parkview Avenue, between Knox and Madison, starting March 21 and continuing through early April.

For the remainder of the project, eastbound traffic will continue and westbound traffic will be detoured.

Construction is expected to be completed in October.

Diversion signs and message boards will be present. Pedestrians and cyclists will have sidewalk access along Parkview Avenue for most of the work.

Traffic patterns will be monitored by city staff and adjustments will be made as needed. Traffic or speeding issues may be subject to

As the new water line is connected to the system, there will be brief interruptions in water service for some properties in the project area. Precautionary boil water advisories should also be expected as part of this infrastructure work, the city said, and affected residents will be notified in advance of any impact to their water service. A list of active boil water advisories is also available at

The reconstruction of Parkview Avenue was originally scheduled to be completed in 2021, but was postponed due to supply chain shortages, the city said. The project is funded through the City’s 2021 budgets for Water-Related Capital Improvements and Main Streets Fund Capital Improvements. A contract with Peters Construction Company was approved by the Kalamazoo City Commission in September 2021 for a total cost of $2,986,431.35.

Project information, including improvement and deviation maps and a recording of an information meeting held virtually on February 24, is available at

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