Is there a unique trick for cars with automatic headlights?

Is there a unique trick for cars with automatic headlights?

For at least several years, online advertisements have been claiming that there is an unusual or unique tip or trick for cars with automatic headlights. An ad read: “Unique tip if your car has automatic headlights.”

The first ad.

Another said: ‘An unusual tip if your car has automatic headlights.

Rumor has it that there is an unusual or unique trick or trick for auto headlights or DRL daytime running lights that allows for a special car insurance safety discount.
The second ad.

We also found a Tweeter where a user laughed at the weird ads. He said: “Unique advice if your car has automatic headlights. Older people are dropping their car insurance and doing this instead.

However, this was all quite misleading.

Ads that promised a unique or unusual tip or trick for automatic headlights led to a item on which lists the name of the state associated with the player’s IP address. For example, one said, “California drivers with automatic headlights hit the jackpot.” It began: “California Drivers: If you are currently insured, drive less than 50 miles/day, and live in a qualifying zip code, you may qualify for an extremely high discount. Plus, if you have safety features like automatic headlights, you can get even more discounts. »

The bottom of the page seemed to reveal that was not based in the United States. It read: “©2022 All rights reserved. Azrieli Center, 26 Harokmim Street, Holon, Israel.

We clicked on the ads. On the next page, he seemed to claim that six insurers would give a discount based on automatic headlights: Assurance, At national scale, Allstate, Farmers insurance, 21st century insuranceand progressive.

However, Allstate and Esurance, which is now an Allstate company, do not offer such discounts. Allstate Media and Public Relations Spokesman William Miller told us, “Although we don’t offer discounts for automatic headlights or daytime running lights, you can find many automotive discounts that we offer on our website.” Meanwhile, the websites of At national scale, 21st century insuranceand progressive also mentioned no such reduction.

A Farmers Insurance spokesperson replied via email: “In regards to your question of whether there is a discount on car insurance if drivers have a car with automatic headlights or daytime running lights (DRL)…no such discount exists at Farmers. After receiving this email, we looked at the Farmers Insurance website and noticed that at least some states offered something for daytime running lights (DRL), but not for automatic headlights.

In sum, once again, the advertisements were misleading. Readers who followed all of the steps on the resulting website found no unusual or unique tips or tricks for cars with automatic headlights, nor did the car insurance companies listed on the website offer off for this feature.

We previously discussed the idea that cars with automatic headlights or daytime running lights could offer discounts on car insurance. We found that while a few insurance companies seemed to offer something, some benefits were limited to specific states. The majority of auto insurance companies don’t seem to offer such a discount for auto headlights.

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