Classic Cars

ICE St. Moritz – Is this the coolest way to enjoy a classic car?

A 3/4 front view of a black Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta parked on the frozen lake of St. Moritz with people and mountains in the background.

When we think of a Concours d’Elegance, we typically imagine the ultra-rare classic automobiles who spend their lives locked in air-conditioned garages to preserve their originality and condition. They may emerge once or twice a year to sit in a line of other cars in a field where they are dusted and vacuumed, then dusted and vacuumed again. They leave at the end of the show in a trailer to return home to a museum or a private collection.

The Swiss have a different philosophy. Enjoy cars the way the builders always intended. ICE St. Moritz is a classic car concours d’elegance that combines a car show and a race track on a frozen lake. This is perhaps the coolest way to enjoy classic supercars and rare automobiles. Here’s what makes this automotive event so special.