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GMC has secured more than 65,000 Hummer EV reservations, pickup version sold through 2024

GMC has secured more than 65,000 Hummer EV reservations, pickup version sold through 2024

General Motors The GMC brand recently shared that it has received more than 65,000 reservations for its electrified Hummer pickup and SUV, far more than the American automaker’s initial expectations. As a result, GMC is ramping up Hummer EV production to meet growing consumer demand. That being said, the SUV version of the Hummer isn’t expected to ship until 2023, and new pickup orders won’t be fulfilled until 2024 under current production timelines.

the GMC Electric Hummer is a new all-electric version of the famous gas guzzler that last rolled off an assembly line in 2010. The public got their first glimpse of GMC’s Hummer EV in the fall of 2020 as part of “Everybody In” of parent company GM. electrification strategy.

At the time, GMC shared certain specs and prices which included multiple trims and unique features such as the ability to “crab” sideways. Additionally, we learned that GMC’s new Hummer will debut as a pickup truck, followed by an SUV version in 2023.

In late December 2021, the first deliveries of the Hummer EV pickup began arriving for Reservation Holders…or should we say, a Reservation Holder. following GM 2021 Fourth Quarter Earnings Report, we learned that GMC only delivered one electric Hummer last year.

At the time, we also learned that GMC had received over 60,000 Hummer EV reservations to date. Now, less than two months later, the automaker has reported 5,000 more reservations and is working to ramp up Hummer production to appease the masses.

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Hummer EV reservations exceed GMC expectations

According to a recent report by CNBCGMC Hummer EV reservations now have exceeded 65,000 in total for pick-up and SUV. Additionally, the number of consumers converting their Hummer reservations into actual orders is 95%, which is higher than expected according to GMC Global Vice President Duncan Aldred. Aldred also spoke about GMC’s plan of attack toward greater Hummer EV demand:

Production is actually slightly ahead of plan and we’re putting things in place now to speed that up as well, so we can deliver those bookings faster than we initially thought. We are witnessing an increase in power.

Aldred said this increased production strategy includes securing additional supplies for key components such as battery cells. There was no mention of semiconductors – a huge hurdle for most automakers around the world these days.

While GMC didn’t provide details on the split of reservations between the pickup and SUV versions of the Hummer EV, it said the majority of early reservations were for the pickup because it came out first. That being said, many other recent reservations were for the Hummer EV SUV. However, this version of the vehicle should not arrive before next year.

GMC has already slowly ramped up production of the GMC Hummer pickup this year after just one delivery in December. The extent of that ramp-up will remain silent until Friday, when the automaker releases its first-quarter 2022 numbers.

For those not already on the waiting list for a Hummer EV pickup, you’re probably looking at a two-year wait, despite GMC’s plans for ramped up production. Aldred clarifies:

What we’re looking at now is how can we build the maximum amount and how can we deliver, fill those reservations as quickly as possible? We are doing all the research on this and are confident that we can go a lot faster than we originally thought, but that still means a reservation now probably means 24 hour delivery.

The next Hummer version that will follow the initial “Edition 1” versions will be the Hummer EV³ˣslated for release this fall at a starting MSRP of $99,995.

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