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Free rides to Bell Rock and other hiking trails

Free rides to Bell Rock and other hiking trails

Sedona hikers can now arrive at some of the most popular trailheads in red rock country in comfort and style. No more battling traffic, no more searching for parking spots in crowded lots or residential neighborhoods. That’s thanks to the new Sedona Shuttle.

This environmentally friendly public transport offered by the city began on March 24. Designated routes deliver hikers to four major trailheads, two west of Sedona and two on State Route 179. The free and easy ride should go a long way to reducing traffic congestion and illegal parking, among other issues.

“We received incredibly positive feedback from the first weekend of operation,” said Joanne Keene, Deputy City Manager of Sedona. “Many people were excited to take the shuttle, and residents could see almost immediate improvements in neighborhood traffic flow and with overflow parking.”

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How the Free Sedona Hikers Shuttle Works

The Sedona Shuttle offers free rides, parking, and access to four popular departure points.

In recent years, Sedona has seen a surge in visitation. This led to heavy traffic and crowded trails. Not the idyllic getaway that so many hope for when venturing to this stunning destination.

Over 400 miles of trails weave through red rock formations, so there’s plenty of backcountry to explore. Yet, a few specific trails attract a disproportionate number of hikers and cyclists. This is where Sedona Shuttle comes in.