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Driving the Everrati Porsche 911 964 Electric Gulf

For car enthusiasts, driving is not limited to technical specifics. open road explores not just what these cars do, but what they mean. Whether it’s an old, new or exotic model, HYPEBEAST looks beyond the stats to uncover the simple pleasures of motoring.

Electric car will soon be the de facto mode of transport. Even though today’s choice is nearly endless – ranging from EV city cars like the Fiat 500e to performance wagons like the Porsche Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo – many petrol enthusiasts still think electrification of automobiles might be their demise. It’s here that Everrati arrives – a British start-up that takes classic models such as the one from the 1990s Porsche 911 (964) and restores them before implanting an electric motor.

Electro-modification is not new. In fact, it stems from the ever-growing world of resto-modding, which sees classic cars restored while their internals are simultaneously upgraded – think E-Type UK “Unleashed” where The Singer’s Porsches. The trend is big deal, giving old-school car enthusiasts a way to enjoy classic cars in today’s traffic-and-regulation-laden world. Another factor is the rising cost of car maintenance, and electrification offers a way forward as it drastically reduces fuel and maintenance costs.

Many traditional car enthusiasts fear that by electrifying cars, let alone classic cars, you lose the original character of the machine. The satisfaction of manually shifting gears, the imposing presence of feedback steering, the naturally aspirated noises of the engine and the smell of gasoline in the cabin are all elements that excite purists. Two whining engines and low-effort driving are quite the opposite of traditional motoring, but so are Everrati’s prospects.

To tap into what makes classic cars desirable, Everrati had to channel its interior Back to the future. The DIY racket of an air-cooled engine is obviously removed, but a dual-tip carbon fiber “exhaust” speaker now emits an internal combustion engine-like noise. The quintessential fuel cap placed in the wheel well remains, but underneath is the charging port. It’s almost as light as the original car, it’s still rear-wheel-drive, and there’s plenty of fun to be had that can make any tanker fall in love with it, even if it’s a electric vehicle.

Before HYPEBEAST got behind the wheel of the Everrati 911, founders Justin Lunny and Mike Jones joked about how many people want a classic Porsche but would likely be disappointed driving it, no doubt due to the age of the car. car and the lack of power compared to today’s sports. cars. But with electrification, those problems are solved – 500 BHP, 0-60 MPH in less than four seconds and over 150 miles of range are all at your fingertips, and for HYPEBEAST this has been rolled out without a second thought on a abandoned military airfield that Everrati calls home.

Before starting the car, Jones also pointed out a particularly special button. “It’s like rocket mode,” he teased. Naturally, that button was engaged from the get-go, making acceleration harder and power more powerful while the rear wheels pretty much coped with traction-less control.

First impressions of the Everrati were as expected: you immediately notice the car silently propelling you to rapid speeds. What was unexpected, however, was the car’s familiarity and how it felt more aligned with a traditional Porsche 911 than a contemporary EV. Maybe the sparse, retro interior helped here, but it doesn’t feel like you’re in anything other than a classic sports car.

Everrati achieves this with vintage dials re-hashed with its own branding and information, and its seats are trimmed in black leather and nubuck but are plush, unlike the ultra-thin bucket seats of today’s sports cars. . The gear knob is shaped like a golf ball and a real handbrake allows for e-brake turns aplenty. It all came together for a driving experience that’s authentic for a car of its age, and thanks to the perfectly balanced steering, upgraded Brembo brakes and grippy tires, it held its own on the tarmac while you hung on to the life. Simply put, it’s the vintage Porsche 911 you’ve always wanted, because a 911 over 30 years old wouldn’t be able to keep up with Everrati’s offering.

Capturing car characteristics and amplifying them is one thing, but making it work in today’s world is another. In doing so, the vintage 911 is now a car that can be used daily in cities, on country roads or on long journeys when you recharge at stations across the country. Minor touches such as new headlights combined with original taillights or a ducktail spoiler covered in the special edition Gulf livery, work with modern equipment such as navigation, DAB+, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and optional heated front seats for the perfect fusion of Old and New. The result is a painfully beautiful ode to what the car used to be while simultaneously creating something it should be, and that is, something fit for the future.

After scouring the track, burning copious amounts of rubber and filling the cabin with smoke before taking some much-needed rests to regain clarity on what could be one of the most visceral and demanding driving experiences the world has ever seen. money can buy, our minds were finally taken. on the Everrati 911.

What at first sounded like an oxymoron now took on its full meaning. It is not a sacrilegious exercise in taking something good and bastardizing it with batteries. Instead, it’s a manifesto for the future of motoring. EVs don’t have to be hypermodern and in turn redundant of any excitement other than what the right pedal can offer, they can be classically refined – if necessary – and they can still be sports cars incredibly high-performance tracks. The Everrati 911 is a case of the electric future, showing that simplicity and a raw approach to design combined with a genuine driving experience can match the punch of a screaming V12 and every driver aid in the business.

The 21st century has created its own problems and now is the time to deal with them. This is where electro-modding comes in and shines – everything we love and cherish about driving is tweaked and perfected for today’s real life. The electric 911 is nostalgic and that’s exactly how Everrati is going to keep the passionate motoring scene alive and vibrant in an era that’s becoming increasingly watered down.