Do you want to buy a used electric car? Here’s where you’ll find them

Do you want to buy a used electric car?  Here's where you'll find them

Not so long ago, this journalist grew weary of the endless whiplash that accompanies the vagaries of global oil markets.

In more specific terms, I was sick of spending $80 every time I filled the family car’s gas tank.

Spending that amount was particularly infuriating to me because, as a long-time market reporter, I and every trader I’ve met know full well that oil prices are rarely badly affected by supply problems or political speed bumps.

More often than not, it was simply a matter of transportation and negotiation by OPEC member countries or a sign that other parts of the market were feeling nervous – two things that made the price of driving around town boring, but driving across the country to see the rest of our family downright painful.