DIY: Repair the wiring of my Toyota Glanza damaged by dogs

DIY: Repair the wiring of my Toyota Glanza damaged by dogs

My dad and I then talked and took matters into our own hands to fix the car instead of taking it to TASS.

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Hello everyone, my grandmother got a Glanza V CVT (January 2021) and so far it has done about 2700 km. So at my grandma’s house there are 52 dogs and keeping two cars safe is a bit of a chore. Its racing is extremely weak and since aunt and her relatives had come to town we had to take the Glanza, I came to my grandma’s to pick up the car and was shocked to see the fender liner left half eaten by dogs.

I start the car and was shocked to see the CEL and transmission error light on the cluster:

Dad and I took a look in the engine bay and saw that the left fog light wires were bitten. We wanted to take a look under the car and see what was wrong since the transmission light was also glowing. The car was in limp mode, it was barely drivable. When we lifted the car and checked the area near the gearbox, it wasn’t nice to see:

The dogs had bitten the connector near the gearbox, so the transmission light was on:

My dad and I then talked and took matters into our own hands to fix the car instead of taking it to TASS. Yes the car is under warranty but we knew that if we gave the car to ASS they would need to order the whole wiring harness and would need at least a week and pay us a hefty bill.

We started by disconnecting the battery, then removing the battery holder and the connectors around it. This gave us easy access to the transmission connector:

Dad carefully opened the sleeves and separated the threads. In the meantime, I ran to town to get some corrugated conduit and color coded wire. I had the rest of the necessary equipment at home ready. We carefully soldered the wires and used heat shrink tubing and did it clean with the corrugated conduit tubing:

We made sure it looked like the OEM harness.

So we reassembled everything and reconnected the battery and everything and turned the car on thinking the CEL and transmission light would go out, but unfortunately it didn’t:

I did a test drive to see if the car had come out of its “limp mode” and was back to being peppy as before, which was a huge relief. I continued to drive it from my village to Manipal which is about 20 km. I had a known SA in MASS and called him and asked if he could clear the DTCs. He told me to come around 8am the next day. Amazingly, when I started the car after reaching Manipal, the CEL and transmission light were off and I was shocked to see it disappear:

But anyway, I wanted to clear the old DTCs. Many of my friends had told me that the SDT (Suzuki Diagnostic Tool) would not be able to read Toyota’s ECU or so we thought. I took the Glanza to MASS the next day and the SDT read the ECU and DTCs:

Toyota badged car at Maruti:

Fortunately, everything went well and the codes appeared in the history. We cleared the old DTC and rescanned it to see if any DTCs are active. Fortunately, no DTCs were active. I asked my SA how would they have managed to fix a problem I was facing, he said as per protocols they would replace the entire engine compartment wiring harness which would be north of Rs. 16,000 + work . Obviously Toyota’s wiring harness would cost even more.

I thanked my SA and walked happily from there.

A lot of people messaged me saying Glanza ECU/Urban Cruiser ECU cannot be read by SDT, hope this message clears the air. To be frank, I could have taken the car to TASS itself but it was quite a distance from my house and MASS was closer.

Overall, I’m glad the issue was resolved and ended well. It was quite a learning experience.


Ashton Castelino.

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