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Cincinnati Amusement Park History

Workmen pour concrete for the vintage car road during the construction of Kings Island in May 1971, while the iconic replica of the Eiffel Tower is built in the background.

Kings Island turns 50 this year, which doesn’t seem possible. It’s the New amusement park, the thrilling cousin of old Coney Island. This is THE place to be every summer.

Time ticks by to ride the Beast over and over again, testing whether the front car or the rear car has the more thrilling ride. Be fully invested in which train is fastest on the Racer – go Red Racer! – or share a blue Smurf ice cream with that special someone. Each generation has its own memories of Kings Island.

The park was a game-changer for Cincinnati, attracting visitors from across the Midwest. Even the Brady Bunch came to town.

Kings Island will reopen for its 50th anniversary season on April 16, so people can revisit their favorites and make new memories. A day-long celebration is scheduled for April 29, the date the park opened in 1972. Kings Island’s “Golden Celebration” events will begin on May 28.

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