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Cars.com announces its 2022 “Top Picks” for electric cars and SUVs

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Cars.com, a well-known market for car buyers, has officially unveiled its 2022 “Top Picks” in the EV segment. The post also provides a related EV buying guide with more information, which we’ll provide more detail on later in the article.

Luckily for current and potential electric car buyers, Cars.com divides the rewards into four different categories, which should appeal to a variety of consumers. Each category focuses on a different priority, although there is certainly some overlap. Categories include value, families, luxury and commuters.

The site’s expert panel considered the price, interval, comfort and features to find the winners. He reviewed more than 30 electric cars, trucks, and SUVs before deciding on the top picks. Cars.com editor Jenni Newman shares:

“We’ve been sharing electric vehicle news and research ever since we reviewed our first Nissan Leaf over a decade ago. As consumer interest in electric vehicles increases due to rising gas prices and other current events, we know buyers have questions about the electric vehicle options available, their cost, the ownership experience and more. Our 2022 electric vehicle buying guide and top picks help buyers answer these questions and cut through the noise to find the right electric vehicle for their lifestyle.

Value award winner goes to 2022 Volkswagen ID.4, which is a well-priced compact SUV with attractive standard features. Cars.com notes that the average starting price for an electric vehicle in the United States is $60,000, although the ID.4 starts at around $42,000.

The next award is the family award, which could just as well have gone to the ID.4. However, Cars.com chose to award the prize to the 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5. The publication calls this unique crossover a compact SUV with a roomy cabin that offers plenty of flexibility, roomy second-row seating and a comfortable ride.

As for the Luxury category, it’s no surprise that Cars.com chose the 2022 lucid look. The ultra-luxury sedan Lucid doesn’t really have much competition, although the publication gave the Mercedes EQS an honorable mention award.

The publication calls the Air “the next level EV” and a “game changer”. He says the Lucid The electric sedan offers ample cargo capacity, a more intuitive and responsive infotainment system than Tesla’s, a sexy exterior design and an opulent interior. There’s also the Air’s impressive acceleration and segment-leading electric range.

Last but not least, the 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV and EUV bolt get the green light in the Commuters category. Both Chevy EVs offer respectable electric range estimates and competitive pricing. Cars.com emphasizes the Bolts’ snappy acceleration, fun driving dynamics and compact size. The Bolt is small enough to provide exceptional maneuverability while remaining roomy and comfortable inside.

Cars.com also mentions the recent Bolt recall and notes that “further issues are unlikely for this established model.”

Cars.com highlights its new EV Buying Guide in the 2022 EV pricing press release. The publication says searches for electric vehicles on its website have doubled since 2021, suggesting the need for a new buying guide for the segment. The hope is that the electric vehicle buying guide, titled “What to Know Before Buying an Electric Vehicle: A Buying Guide”, will help people curious about electric vehicles decide which model “matches their lifestyle”.