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Alibaba’s Incredibly Weird Electric Vehicle of the Week: $3,000 Electric Pickup Truck with Bed Cap

Alibaba's Incredibly Weird Electric Vehicle of the Week: $3,000 Electric Pickup Truck with Bed Cap

It’s no secret that I love a fun little electric pickup truck from China. yes I am this man that floated halfway around the world for use as a farm truck in the United States. But just like my four-year-old nephew after a run to a candy store, time doesn’t stand still. And neither is the pace of development of China’s electric mini-truck factories. Because less than six months after my own mini electric van rolled in my garage and my heart, more advancements appear in the industry. And that means we can all enjoy the latest that China’s electric mini-pickup truck market has to offer in this week’s release of the Alibaba’s Incredibly Weird Electric Vehicle of the Week!

My little electric truck, despite all its charm, pales in comparison to this new Chinese mini electric truck technology.

First, check out the major structural advancements we have in the works here.

This little electric truck not only gets two extra seats and two added doors to turn it into a crew cab, but the bed also gets a hood on top for enclosed storage.

Normally I rib these comical little electric vehicles from Alibaba, but this truck is now so awesome that I don’t know why to make fun of it. It’s legitimately awesome!

With four seats, you can actually use this little truck as a family vehicle, carrying the wife and kids with you. Whether or not it lets you risk the family in a truck built entirely of crumple zone material is another matter, but at least it has the capacity to sit up for it!

All four seats are great, but it’s that topper that I really like. Check this thing out! This 2:3 scale van is ready to convert into a plumber’s vehicle. You could specialize in fixing pipes in 2:3 scale houses!

Or keep whatever you want there in rain-proof storage! Add some breathing holes and you have a small version of these K-9 police trucks.

To be fair, I admit that it is a little less efficient. You’re not going to hit 45 km/h (28 mph) without some serious downhill and tailwind. But with this giant bed cap, you have a whole sail to catch that tailwind when it comes. Don’t cut it or you risk getting your wheels in the air – there’s not much keel on this thing.

And with its meager 2,000 watt motor, you probably shouldn’t ride into the wind either. 2kW?! That’s not even three horses! I’ve seen e-bikes with more power than this!

But let’s be realistic. No one is buying this thing for its high performance features. They buy it for its freshness. And what fun it would be to drive in a mini-truck. trust me i know.

But you should also know that there is no way you will get away with the claimed a purchase price of “$2,950”. My two-seater electric truck was listed at $2,000, but by the time I put batteries in it and a number of accessories and then floated it halfway around the world, I had paid at least 3 times more.

It’s still much cheaper than a new one. Rivian Where Lightning F150, even if the specs don’t quite match. But at least you can have one in months instead of years.

If you’re going to get one, get ready for a wild ride. My purchase was quite a rollercoaster, including times like the ship arriving in the US and the truck somehow not being on it.

But for the brave whose loved ones will let them take the whole family for a ride in this tin can with a mattress topper, you’re in for a treat! And maybe just a little tetanus trying to open the shipping crate…

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