2022 Toyota RAV4 prices rise for second time in three months in Australia

2022 Toyota RAV4 prices rise for second time in three months in Australia

Australia’s best-selling SUV, the Toyota RAV4, has been hit with a further round of price increases ranging from $100 to $750 – following increases last year with the launch of the updated 2022 model.

Above: Japanese-market Toyota RAV4 Edge (Adventure) Hybrid

The prices for the 2022 Toyota RAV4 in Australia rose for the second time in three months – however, buyers with confirmed orders placed before the end of February will be exempt from the latest round of increases.

Effective March 1, 2022, the price of the Toyota RAV4 lineup has increased from $100 for the entry-level GX to $750 for the top-of-the-line Cruiser – with increases in the mid-range for the GXL (125 $), Edge ($380) and XSE new for 2022 ($425).

These increases follow price increases of between $410 and $1,585 — with drops of $270 to $395 — as part of the RAV4’s 2022 model year update (detailed here), announced late. November 2021, with production starting in December.

Toyota Australia says the March 2022 price increases do not coincide with any additional features – unlike the November/December 2021 increases. The company says the latest RAV4 price increases were driven by “foreign exchange, shipping and manufacturing”.

Buyers with “confirmed orders taken before the end of February” will benefit from price protection against the latest price increases in March. Any new order taken from March 1 will however be affected.

The latest estimated wait times for the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid stretch up to 12 months — versus “six months or less” for “most Toyota models,” the company said.

“Toyota has reluctantly implemented a small change to the recommended retail prices for RAV4 models, effective March 1, 2022,” a Toyota Australia spokesperson said. To drive.

“For most of the line, the changes are less than 1%. For the (RAV4) Cruiser, the increase is $750, or about 1.5-1.7%. It’s important to note that these changes do not apply to confirmed orders taken before the end of Feb., regardless of delivery date.

“Toyota makes every effort to avoid price changes beyond model updates and the introduction of new and expanded features. However, from time to time, such changes are necessitated by other factors which may include currency, shipping and manufacturing costs,” Toyota said in a statement. issued To drive.

“As supply availability is an evolving situation globally, we continue to work closely with our global production team to ensure the maximum number of vehicles for our local customers.

“We continue to update our dealers as the situation evolves. Dealers are in the best position to provide customers with the most up-to-date delivery information for their specific vehicle once production is confirmed.”

Unlike other automakers, Toyota has pledged not to remove any features to keep production lines moving – a move hailed by safety advocates amid the removal of some safety aids by some rival brands – as the auto industry struggles with a global semiconductor (computer chip) shortage.

the 2022 Toyota RAV4 range is available to order now.

2022 Toyota RAV4 Australian Price

  • Gasoline RAV4 GX 2WD – $34,400 (up to $100)
  • RAV4 GX 2WD Hybrid – $36,900 (up to $100)
  • RAV4 GX AWD Hybrid – $39,900 (up to $100)
  • RAV4 GXL 2WD Gas – $37,950 (up to $125)
  • RAV4 GXL 2WD Hybrid – $40,450 (up to $125)
  • RAV4 GXL AWD Hybrid – $43,450 (up to $125)
  • RAV4 XSE 2WD Hybrid – $43,250 (up to $425)
  • RAV4 XSE AWD Hybrid – $46,250 (up to $425)
  • RAV4 Cruiser 2WD Gas – $43,250 (up to $750)
  • RAV4 Cruiser 2WD Hybrid – $45,750 (up to $750)
  • RAV4 Cruiser AWD Hybrid – $48,750 (up to $750)
  • Gasoline RAV4 Edge AWD – $50,200 (up to $380)
  • RAV4 Edge AWD Hybrid – $52,700 (up to $380)

Note: All prices listed above exclude road travel costs.

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CONTINUED:Toyota RAV4 showroom
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