Toyotageek's Garage - my blog on collecting 'Toyotamobilia' and other Toyota topics that I find interesting.
Classic Toyota Town - my original Yahoo Group - A place for enthusiasts of all classic Toyota cars.
Toyopet Crown - my newest Yahoo Group for Toyopet Crown owners and enthusiasts. Home of the Toyopet Crown Registry.

General Toyota Sites

Toyota Enthusiats Club - TEC - a UK based site for Toyota enthusiasts. Publish TEC Topics magazine.

TORC and the TORC Forum the Toyota Owner's and Restorer's Club.

TOYOTAREFERENCE.COM - Toyota and Lexus information, along with color, chassis and engine codes.  Illustrated with every vehicle, and a
sales brochure archive so that we can all enjoy Toyota's rich history in the US.


Corona Country - A site dedicated to the 40/50 series "Shovelnose" Toyota Corona's of the 1960's and other great little Toyota's.

Toyota Crown Central - a forum based club where members from all over the world share and dicuss information, media and ideas relating to the
Toyota Crown with each other.
1958 Toyopet - Frenchy Dehoux writes about his 1958 Toyopet Crown restoration.

Toy700and800 - a Yahoo Group for Sports 800 and Publica enthusiasts. Home of the Sports 800/Publica Registry.

Sports 800
Toy700and800 - a Yahoo Group for Sports 800 and Publica enthusiasts. Home of the Sports 800/Publica Registry.
Yodahachi's Sports 800 - Rich Street's original website for the Sports 800; includes link to Sports 800/Publica Registry.

KE15/17 Sprinter Registry  - (Facebook) An online automotive register for the owner community of early Toyota Sprinters.
Our Moto: Love one - Love all. Whether you road it, restore it, race it, rally it, drag it, drift it or even dry lake it, we love your Sprinter! Mission
to create a register that provides documented providence and enables the long term preservation of as many early Toyota Sprinters as possible
through documented providence.

Japanese Nostalgic Car - US based, with international partnerships. A website dedicated to Japanese Cars. They also have a Blog and a Forum.
They publish the Japanese Nostalgic Car magazine.

Old Japanese Car - UK based site for enthusiasts of Old Japanese Cars. They also have a Forum.

In the case of websites that are available in both English and Japanese, the Japanese version often contains more information
(including more pages and photos) than the English version. It is advisable to visit both versions and browse them both.

TOYOTA Motor Corporation - Official website for the Toyota Motor Corporation, or TMC. Full of great information and links to other
Toyota related sites.
Japanese and English language versions available.

TOYOTA - See all the newest models. The official Japanese Toyota website. The official US Toyota website.

TOYOTA Automobile Museum (Japan) - One of the premiere car museums in Japan. The main building of the museum, houses about 120
automobiles, from the end of the 19th century to the present (European and American cars are on the 2nd floor, Japanese cars are on the 3rd
floor). The annex building, exhibits the history of the motorization of Japan, elaborating on the influence of the automobile on Japanese lives and
Japanese and English language versions available.

TOYOTA Commemorative Museum of Industry & Technology (Japan) - Toyota history from textile looms to automobiles (Japanese and English
language versions available).

TOYOTA Kuragaike Commemorative Hall (Japan) - Built in September 1974 in commemoration of the manufacturing of Toyota's 10 millionth
vehicle... the Commemorative Hall aims to share with you the keen challenging spirit of Toyota at the time of its establishment and the heart of the
Toyota Group for "making things" (English language).

TOYOTA Kaikan Exhibition Hall & Plant Tour (Japan) - The Toyota Kaikan Exhibition Hall features exhibits and audio-visual presentations that
illustrate Toyota's vision of enriching society through car manufacturing, as well as its most advanced car manufacturing technologies. All visitors,
adults or children, will enjoy the facility, which also holds various seasonal events (English language).

TOYOTA MEGAWEB (Japan) - The ultimate display of new Toyota vehicles and race cars too (Japanese and English)

TOYOTA AMLUX (Japan) - The ultimate display of new Toyota vehicles - a multi-level showroom of cars (Japanese and English language
versions available).

Sakichi Toyoda Memorial House (Japan) - Official Toyota website (Japanese language only) - Sakichi Toyoda, inventor and founder of Toyoda
Spinning & Weaving Co., father of Kiichiro Toyoda, founder of Toyota Motor Corporation.

Sakichi Toyoda Park (Japan) - Tourist information and photographs of Sakichi Toyoda's residence (Japanese language only).
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