March 24 2007
As I was driving home in my 4Runner, after having dinner with my father at Denny's, I
happened to see what looked like my Celica's twin in a parking lot. I thought, "That's
cool!"  It was quite obvious that I had to check this out, but since I had my dad with me,
I decided to first drive back home. Once at home I played musical cars and I parked my
other Toyotas in the street so I could get the Celica out of the garage. Then I drove my
Celica back to the parking lot, and fortunately it's twin was still there - unfortunately the
light was quickly fading, so I took several quick pictures, which are shown here...

Weird huh? The cars were almost identical. The twin had some different rims, and a nice
little pinstripe job, as well as the old side mouldings. Interior looked the same too!

Now, I used to see one Orange Celica driving around town several years ago, and at one
time I even spoke to the owner as we were stopped at a signal (I was in my 4Runner at
the time). That car was driven by an older woman and she happend to live just blocks
from my house. Unfortunately we didn't exchange numbers and I haven't seen her
since... Could this be the same car? Or maybe yet another? Perhaps they're triplets?
HAHA! I know there are more Orange Celicas around - but, it's just funny that about the
only liftbacks that I see, all happen to be within 5 minutes of my house, and all are
Orange!!! Maybe we'll have to start a club ~ OC/OC or Orange Celicas of Orange

Anyhow... I left some contact info with today's twin - now I'll just have to wait and see if
they will contact me...

March 29 2007
Today I received a phone call from my Celica twin's owner! It turns out he is the original
owner! We are planning on getting together soon to swap stories and check out each
other's car! Stay tuned for more pictures!!

April 8 2007
Two Celicas, seperated at the manufacturing plant, reunite after 30 years!
Yesterday was the day I met up with my Celica Twin's owner!
Small world ~ two middle aged guys, both named Mike, both driving Orange 1977 Celica
GT liftbacks!
We had agreed to meet at a local shopping center on Saturday. It was funny - we both
pulled up to the intersection at the same time, from opposite directions. It was strange
seeing 'my car' from the outside! We decided to drive to my house where we could park
and talk. HA! Boy, did we turn heads as we drove the short ride to my home.

My twins owner, Mike M, has owned his car from the beginning - he bought it brand
new from the dealer on May 12, 1977! It's been in his family ever since, and while it was
garaged for a short time, it is now his daily driver, with somewhere in the neighborhood
of 150,000 miles. Both of our cars have a production date of March 1977, although
Mike's Celica has a slightly earlier VIN - his being RA29 102### and mine RA29 104###.

Mike had different wheels installed and had the car pin-stripped when he bought the car.
I also noticed the seats were slightly different - mine are black 'leather' with 'fabric'
centers, while his are completely black 'leather'.  After we talked for a while and took
pictures, we decided we would meet again - probably at a local car show that takes place
every week. We also both agreed that we should try to find the owner of a third Celica
we have spotted. So maybe there will be another chapter to this story- titled "Triplets".

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