Story and Photos by Charles Williams, December 2009

For Toyota, Lexus and Scion, the 2009 LA Auto Show was the most exciting since the
launch of the Scion brand at the 2003 LA Auto Show. Scion’s booth was the same
multi-level “display box” booth as last year’s show, however, it was a show stopper
filled with many of the finest customized and personalized Scions that you may have
seen in car magazines and in Scion advertising. The highlight of the Scion booth was the
Orange Scion XD Mobile Kitchen built by MV Designz fitted with a slide out BBQ grill,
cutting board, sink and fridge. The coolest part may have been the slide out taillights
that hold cooking utensils and condiments.

Toyota launched the all new 3rd generation Sienna minivan here. This minivan really
isn't very “mini” and will be in dealers in the first quarter of 2010. Also seen at Toyota’s
large booth were the newly launched 5th generation 4Runner and the Plug-in Prius
Hybrid which will be heavily tested in the coming months before it becomes available in
limited numbers to the general public. There are sure to be long waiting lists for the Plug-
in Prius as demand is sure to be even higher than when the 2nd generation Prius was
launched in North America. A nice addition to the Toyota booth was Ivan Stewart’s
2010 Toyota 4Runner which came in second place in the 2009 Baja 1000 stock class.
Ivan’s ride was shipped as is straight from the finish line in Baja and was still plastered
with mud, dirt, sand, and light body damage from the battle to the finish line in Baja.
This was in total contrast to the shiny over waxed new cars it was surrounded by and
was appreciated by many attendees.

The “star” of the 2009 LA Auto Show had to be the production version of the Lexus
LF-A. This is a car that has to be seen up close to even begin to understand what a great
technical achievement this was for Lexus. Pictures in a car magazine or even these
pictures here do no justice for this car. This is definitely a car that has to be seen up
close before you make a verdict on whether you like it or not. Photos make this car look
much larger than it actually is so if you have a chance to attend one of the national auto
shows this year by all means stop by the Lexus booth to see it for yourself because it
may be the only chance you will ever see one since only 500 are going to be built and it
will only be sold at very few select Lexus dealers as well. If you get a chance to see this
car, don’t just stare at its sleek body, you must look underneath it as well to appreciate
the engineering and craftsmanship from seeing the acres of bare carbon fiber that are
used throughout this car. Yamaha helped Toyota with the V10 engine of the LF-A,
same as when the 2000gt was created. The LF-A is a true stunner and an instant classic
for sure. Enjoy the photos (see the slideshow below).
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